Paint with Earth

Learn How to Paint with Earth

Discover the thrill of foraging in nature for your own paint pigments. Elizabeth Cockey will teach you how to turn clay, rocks, and plants into watercolor paints you can use to create works of art.

Elizabeth Cockey shows how to mix your own paint, one of the features of her Paint-making Workshop

Ready for an artistic adventure?

  • Have fun exploring outdoors
  • Reconnect with the earth
  • Get inspired by natural resources
  • Grind and mix your own paint like an alchemist
  • Create your own palette of watercolors

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Cockey is a retired art therapist, author, and painting instructor. Currently she enjoys teaching painting and facilitating workshops to help people make paints from pigments found in nature. She splits her time between upstate New York and Texas with her husband and four Pekingese dogs.